Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas swap quilt

This is what I was trying to make last night when my iron died

The red is much redder in real life.  These are the squares from the christmas fabric swap organised by Emily.  They have been sitting next to my sewing machine for a while and were in danger of being there still this time next year

And to complete the whole christmas swap theme:

I have added the fabric strip that I received from Leanne today from the christmas table runner swap.

My aim is to FMQ it (gulp!) over the weekend and have it on my settee for Christmas to remind me of all the lovely bloggy friends that are out there


  1. What a terrific idea! Love that you got that strip of fabric in the back too.

  2. I love when fabrci bits can remind you of people and places. It'll be a great quilt Catherine.

  3. very pretty - what a lovely memory reminder for you - but if you've got early dementia onset like me, make sure you put your photo in an album to remind you!!

  4. Its wonderful! So great to see the charms being put to good use. Mine are packed away ready to move, I cant wait to get time out and play with them, although it may be next year at this rate.


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