Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Its here!!

Oh yes, look what I got in the post today all the way from Canada.....

I was the lucky lucky recepient of Leannes (she can quilt) table runner: whoo hoo!

This is such a lovely table runner


Have a look at those teeny tiny stars inside the big star.  It has been beautifully quilted and has a lovely back too

And these too

As well as some Lindt chocolate and some spare fabric.  Thank you Leanne, it is absolutely lovely.

Last night I was out doing my first ever training session, which went well. I got home at 9pm and had to pick Beccy up from school around midnight as they had been in to London, so I thought it would be perfect sewing time.  I got on with some bits and pieces ...... and then my iron died.  So I had all this spare time and no couldn't utilise it as my material was well screwed up!
I feel like a zombie now: I got home last night about 12.30, was up at 6.15 and have done a very long day - I can hear my bed calling!


  1. I am so glad you like it and that it has made it to you in time for the season! It was a pleasure making it for you.

  2. Lucky you - I loved this in the making.

  3. love the stars and that hand quilting looks fabulous


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