Sunday, 21 September 2014

A finish!

I finally have a finish!!

Over the summer I really lacked any sewing inclinations. I posted a very ambitious FAL list and was in danger of getting none of it done. The quilt top was comp!eyed and just needed quilting. I decided on straight line

The backing was the same blue elephant fabric

I am going to put this baby quilt in my etsy shop.

I also caught up on my Bee a Brit stingy commitments for Janet

At the moment I am working on a couple of pairs of socks, perfect now the evenings are starting to draw in


  1. Well done Catherine I'm sure you will get into your stride

  2. I find when I go away my sewing inclination stays for an extended holiday. Head is just focused on too much other stuff!

  3. Yippe! A finish is welcome any time, isn't it? Elephants are so adorable :)

  4. Perfect gender neutral quilt :)

  5. oooh what a gorgeous baby quilt and perfect with the little elephants! xx

  6. Lovely elephants - someone will snap it up!

  7. What? Not a real, live, actual finish?! Love the ellies :o)


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