Thursday 2 October 2014


Well, it's time to round up my very lame 3rd quarter of the FAL: this won't take long!
Back in July I had high hopes of 5 finishes. Yeah right. I managed one!

This on the left


became this...

I have high hopes for next FAL as I have several near finishes:

So next FAL should be much more succesful


  1. Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way of fun stuff! Jxo

  2. You did make progress on the others which is a big plus AND this summer was too nice to ignore by sitting inside behind a sewing machine. There will be plenty of dark nights and weekends for that in the quarter coming up. I love how colourful all your projects are! xx

  3. You made something. That's more than I did. I even failed to make a 3Q list!

  4. It's a very lovely one though!

  5. One lovely finish is definitely better than none!! And it looks like you've got a good head start on the next quarter!

  6. The finish you have is lovely. You should be pleased with yourself, you actually have one! And next quarter will have lots!

  7. Looks like you may reap the benefits of your industry this next quarter - it's not all about finishes the journey is important too!


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