Friday, 15 August 2014

Jam packed

My summer so far has been full on. This is my last Sumner off, I go full time weeks (I am already full time hours) from 1st September
There hasn't been much sewing: I have fulfilled my bee commitments - these ones for Nicky's Nordik quilt

And these for Amys Hipbee quilt

There has been a trip to Centre Parks

A trip to Hever Castle

A trip to Sheffield

Sheffield antiques centre seems to have the monopoly on old sewing machines too
And a lot of DIY
I still have a trip to Paris (can't wait) and a trip to my dads in the Lake District before I go back to work...... for a rest!


  1. seems like you NEED to go to work to catch your breath!! lol x looks like it has been a fun time .. and you managed to sew as well x

  2. Beautiful. I've seen Nicky's quilt in the works : )

  3. You definitely are going back to work for a rest!

  4. Phew! You've certainly packed a lot in! Have fun in Paris! Jxo

  5. Now that sounds like a good summer :)

  6. I'm glad you are having so much fun!

  7. You've done loads.... I'm glad Amy didn't send those cute lobsters to me as they might just not have made it back again. Enjoy Paris and the Lakes too x

  8. You're packing so much loveliness into your summer! Enjoy Paris and the Lakes before you go back to work.

  9. Love Hever! but so many years since I was there... Must get back sometime. You had a great summer, and a good kick off to the full time weeks... Well done. x


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