Sunday 23 February 2014

Back to work

I have enjoyed a lovely relaxing week off work and have particularly enjoyed the winter Olympics: great for sewing along to.
My friend had asked me to cover some foam cushions for her new summerhouse. She had a 4ft and a 6ft bit of foam

It was a struggle sometimes; fabric and foam don't mix very well. But I did finish it, along with 2 of the 8 cushions that she also wants

And they look great in their new home

It is her birthday next week so I thought I would add a splash of red to her room with a cushion

I just need to quilt it and get it ready for next week.
Well done to all team GB at the winter Olympics: it has been amazing to watch: I am glad I am back at work tomorrow, I won't have time to sit around and miss it all!


  1. Oh you make a fantastic friend xxx
    Watching the closing ceremony, looking forward to the paras now!

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  3. I think the splash of red will really brighten her summerhouse up. Aren't you a great friend!

  4. Well wrestled! The OIympics have kept me sane since I got signed off sick on Wednesday, what am I going to do this week though?!

  5. The cushions look fab and i think that block will make an amazing addition!

  6. Great job on the cushions - I once recovered four 4 foot cushions for a nursery and they took ages. Serves me right for not refusing to use a fabric with a pattern match (big checks!) in it!

  7. Lov that summerhouse and the cushion will look amazing!


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