Friday 21 February 2014


On Sunday I took Jenny and Nathan to Watford - for their Christmas present.  Thankfully it was a bit more exciting than that.......

We went to The making of Harry Potter. What a great day out, I can definitely recommend it.  There was so much to see

The knittinh in the top right pucture was actually knitting itself.  I did also have my photo taken on a broomstick!!

Jenny has a temporary new addition to her household

She is looking after this little lady for the week, until her dad comes back from South Africa. She is 9 weeks old and has just left her mum. She is very cute and well behaved too. Jenny is in danger of becoming Mrs Dolittle-she is also looking after her dads house rabbits, which are actually bigger than these two

I had to sneak in a picture of these cuties!  I have been sewing as well, but more on that over the weekend


  1. It looks like a wonderful day out! Is the puppy a Staffie cross? She's soooooo cute!!

  2. We have that trip penciled in for October Half Term already!!
    You suit a broomstick ;) xxx

  3. I love the HP pics - looks like loads of fun!

  4. So, a new career as a broomstick travelling witch? well, why not? Looks like you had a lovely time.

  5. I want to go! (and whoever thought anyone would say that about Watford...) Did you fly over the gap on your broomstick? ;o)

  6. Looks like fun times all round!

  7. I'd like to go there ... Just need a small child to accompany me!

  8. Wow not heard of this place but it looks fab! The picture of you on the broomstick is great!


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