Wednesday 26 September 2012

Under the wire

I am fairly certain, but would have to check, that I havn't done anything that was on my list for Rhonda's finish along.
Apart from nearly finishing this

 This quilt has been on my list since the beginning and keeps getting bumped

 The girls got me this fabric for my birthday last year and I have been wanting to finish it for ages.
I have hand quilted it

 All that is left now is to put some binding on - before Sunday - and then it will sneak in under the wire.
It has a very very soft and fluffy fleece backing - aka a rug from Dunelm.  It is a dark purple with dots, which you can just seen through the pink material

 The quilt has been used these last few chilly evenings:  Jenny has wrapped herself up and has declared it her most favourite quilt ever, just because of the backing.  Maybe this is the way to go: it's a LOT cheaper than wadding and backing material!


  1. It was worth the wait as it is just lovely and the hand quilting really adds texture. Di x

  2. Your hand quilting is amazing! Just think how much more you'll enjoy it if you actually get it finished!

  3. Gorgeous Catherine. I really like how you've hand quilted in the shapes, it's really lovely. Enjoy snuggling - just in time for the horrible weather!

  4. It's looking great so far! A great idea for the backing =D


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