Sunday 16 September 2012

Bee news

I am Miss November for Hipbees. I chose November as it is my birthday month and I thought it would be fantastic to have a bunch of lovely, talented ladies make me a block for my birthday.
I had so many ideas for blocks, so decided to start trying out some ideas

I love this block, but it was fiddly and time consuming and I don't know if I want a whole quilt of it.  I will be turning this block in to a cushion cover for a friend who has a birthday shortly, so it won't be wasted, although I will be sad to see it go

In other bee news, a couple of weeks back I had an email from Sheila, asking me if I would be interested in joining a Bee.  If Sheila was in, then so was I!  So I now belong to:

                                                       Bee a Brit stingy
I think it is such a fabulous bee name, I really did chuckle when I saw that.   
The idea is that we make blocks out of our scraps, based on what the queen bee requests that month
Look at all the other fabulous people I am with (some fellow Hipbees too)
Miss January - Lucy @
Miss February - Emily @
Miss March - Jan @
Miss April - Di @
Miss May - Catherine @
Miss June - Colette @
Miss July - Sheila @
Miss August - Nicky @ 
Miss September - Karen @
Miss October - Erin @
Miss November - Charlotte @
Miss December - Janet @ - jintymaginty on Flickr

(I may have 'borrowed' this list from Sheilas blog)

 We are kicking off with a scrappy pincushion swap, before we start for real in January. I can't wait!


  1. That block will make a fabulous cushion where it really shines. So excited about Bee A Brit Stingy

  2. Phew! I am glad that I don't have to make that block but it does look good! The Bee a Brit Stingy will be good fun and a pin cushion will be a good 'ice breaker. Di x

  3. Your block looks great and will make a lovely cushion! Also excited about the stingy bee!

  4. Sounds every exciting! Hope you girls have a lot of fun and come up with some great looking blocks =D

  5. Ha - I borrowed the list from Nicky!!

  6. What a great line up - the Brits do have some great bees!

  7. Your block is stunning but you are teasing us with what you might have had us make, now I'm very curious. Enjoy Bee a Brit Stingy (clever name).

  8. Beautiful block Cath! And I know you'll have tonnes of fun with all those talented ladies! Jxo


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