Saturday 15 September 2012

Fabric faries

The fabric faries have been working hard for me this week.  My scrap packs arrived from pink castle fabrics : and they are fabulous!

 Now, I am fairly rubbish at knowing the names of fabrics-I go with what I like and never really see what line it is from, but even I can recognise some 'names' in here
 I can recommend these to anyone, I am really pleased with what I got sent-and sent very quickly too.

I also received this lovely package from Jan who is Miss October (yes, October) for Hipbees

 Jan wants star blocks making, which will be fun.  We were all so quick off the mark with Judes blocks that Jan has sent hers out early.  And, some of the bees have made theirs already.  Jan made the fantastic card that came with the fabric - every one of us had an individual card - isn;t it great

And I also received some fabric from SusanShe won a very tounge in cheek prize from Rhonda in the finish a long and she blogged about what to do with her winnings

 I told her if she had no better offers to send it here and I would do something with it for the Farleigh Hospice ladies.  Look at the amount of pieces!  This is the pattern in the quilting mag:
 I like applique and it will be great in the winter months.  I am going to try and make four individual items. I think four smaller items will generate more money than one larger item

 This block has already been started, so I will finish this off first and then crack on with the others

Tomorrow, I have bee news to blog about.

It started as a practise block, to see if this was what I wanted when I am Miss November


  1. Nice buys there. I am now getting nervous about what task you will be setting us in the Bee Ahead hipBee. Di x

  2. I love what you got in your scrap bags!!

  3. Wow you have been busy too. Looking forward to to the bee news!

  4. Lovely scrapiness - particularly heart the green pack. Good luck with the applique - nice that it will find a loving home.

  5. Fab scrap packs. Hope you enjoy the applique - so good of you to rescue Susan and put it to good use.

  6. Great scraps bags! I think what you're doing with the stuff Susan sent you is fab. Can't wait to see progress with it. Intrigued by November in the hipBee's I reckon you're going to set us a challenge :-)

  7. Wow what a great lot of goodies! Funny how scrap packs are never quite the scraps you'd imagine them to be =D


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