Wednesday 27 June 2012

One complete, one to start

I signed up for a couple of swaps recently: the purse swap and round 3 of the brit quilt swap.  I also have an exam to do on July 11th!

With that in mind I decided to crack on with the purse.  I put my fabric selection on flickr:

and everyone went with the bird fabric (can't tell you if my partner commented or not!)

 I sewed some beads on both sides as well, to perk it up a bit. And I went for a nice floral for the lining

I read on one of the discussions that someone suggested when turning the purse the right side out, to leave the gap to turn through at the top, rather than the bottom, as this is then inserted into the purse frame and never seen. I tried this and worked brilliantly, so can defintely recommend that method!

We were given our brit quilt swap partners today, so now I need to move on to more stalking.  I also have some very exciting news to share tomorrow!!


  1. Your purse is looking great and I'm intrigued as to what you'll be announcing tomorrow!

  2. Love you little purse. Great job!

  3. looks good ... waiting for tomorrows news x

  4. You definitely have the knack of doing these! Di x

  5. The purse looks great! I would have chosen that fabric too =D

  6. really cute purses I need to try these really do, I am stalking too for the swap! x

  7. Fabulous purse Cath! Get your flares on for our big launch! Jxo


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