Saturday, 5 April 2014

Must try harder

Way back in January I set out my FAL goals here. Can't say I was very successful...... I managed 1 out of 4

I finally managed to turn this

Into this

This poor project has been on my FAL list since the very beginning I think, I am so pleased to have finished it.

So, incomplete still are:
My Hipbee quilt

 This cushion top
And these EPPs

A pretty poor FAL. I really must do better next time!
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  1. Well 1 is better than none :oD And now you have plenty for Q2 ;o)

  2. At least you cleared the longest standing one. I still love that hipbees quilt.

  3. I only got 1 thing done too. Will try harder next time!

  4. Your hip bee quilt is just stunning!

  5. The cushion is great, as for the rest? well, they can wait! They will still be there until you get there!


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