Monday, 7 April 2014


You may remember that I had some fun making a few minis not so long ago.  Well, I have made some more.  This first one is my favourite

It measures 7.5" and uses lots of scraps. I found the pattern on Ritas (red pepper) blog.
I also finished off this 6" one

My little collection is starting to grow

I have made one more, but this one is for a swap.  Its 6"

I think what I like most about these is that they dont take long to do and you have a finished article. Although I think that (Willowbeck) Di's suggestion of one a week may be pushing it!


  1. I love your minis, especially the one from Red Pepper Quilts. I might try doing a few to hang now that my course has finished.

  2. These are fun, and a great way to use up wee bits! Jxo

  3. A great way of scratching an itch when you just have to sew. They are really sweet.

  4. Lovely mini's although if you managed one a week you might run out of wall space!

  5. So sweet and satisfying! Keep having fun with them!

  6. Very cute! I think you need to cover the whole room, you know, DIY padded cell... ;o)


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