Saturday, 13 July 2013

Q3 FAL hopefuls

Time to decide what I am going to get done for Q3 of the FAL. 

So, first up: my Bee a Brit Stingy pineapple quilt.  This is so big, I don't think I will need a border, so it should be a quick one to finish

Second, my double wedding ring quilt. I am no further forward with this one, mainly because I can't make up my mind on a border.  I have great hand quilting designs in my head for this one, so I am not hopeful of a finish, but you never know

I need to turn these blocks in to a finished quilt for my quilting group, we are making quilts for boys for the local women's refuge shelter.  I don't know if it's best suited for a boy, if it not, I will donate it to the hospice ladies.

Definitely need to finish my Liberty notebook cover!

I want to get these bonus blocks (from my pineapple blocks) made up - I know the pattern I want to do

I also have two quilts that I need to start and finish before September - hmmmm. no pressure then!
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  1. I love that wedding quilt and yes you have your work cut out. But they will all be fabulous when they are finished.

  2. Good luck Catherine - great choices. Your pineapple quilt top looks beautiful and I just love the DWR!!

  3. Your Pineapple quilt looks delicious!

  4. Great list! How about scrappy squares as your border or if you are feeling ambitious a chain made up of part of the wedding ring block

  5. You're going to be a busy bee, aren't you? Still loving your pineapple quilt and the double wedding ring too!

  6. We put ourselves under constant pressure don't we?

  7. I love all the different patterns I see every time you show the pineapple quilt. You've got a bit of sewing to do though!

  8. Love the pineapple quilt! So beautiful! A great list!


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