Sunday 2 June 2013

Pre work frenzy

I have had a really productive few days and got a few things ticked off my list.

1st are my FQR sample swaps.  I signed up do to cushions.  This was mainly because I wasn't sure what I would do with three pincushions, 3 bags, 3.... until I had a chat with Susan  - and then the light bulb came on and I realised I had it all wrong!!  Anyway, I am happy to do cushions, I can try out new blocks and I can't really go wrong with a 16" square! I have two so far:

I am really pleased with how these have turned out.  I just need to decide on a third - and maybe find another colour other than blue!

I have also got Lynz's June Hipbee block done.  She sent us some gorgeous solids and requested a 'drunk love' log cabin type block with a bit of our own fabric thrown in

I was really dreading doing this block as it's something I haven't tried before and I am a very symmetrical type of person, but I really enjoyed doing this.

I also had a play around with my Bee a Brit stingy blocks

This is going to look awesome - not all the blocks are in the picture, I couldn't get them all in.  I am just waiting for a couple more, and need to make 2 additional blocks and then I can start on the  sashing between the blocks.

Back to work for me tomorrow.  I really needed this week off, it has been so nice not to feel constantly tired.  And I have managed a whole heap of garden and household jobs so I can go back to work without all that hanging over me!


  1. I really want to try the Bee a Brit squares. They look like so much fun.

  2. hee hee! Loving your cushions x

  3. Doh!!! I love those cushions!!! Thinking I need to make about 70 swap items, I want to swap with everything I have seen so far!

    I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow xxx

  4. I can imagine how you are feeling going back to work tomorrow :( Hope it goes well. Lovely cushions and your pineapple blocks are beautiful!

  5. You certainly know how to pack a lot into a week off! Jxo

  6. I couldn't help but chuckle over your sample swap puzzlement! I love your cushions and can't wait to see the third! Your pineapple blocks are lovely - this quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  7. I love your cushions. I hope people won't be disappointed with my efforts for the sample swap because everyone else seems to be making such great things. The pineapple blocks look great en masse like that and I love your block for Lynz

  8. Love the cushions! And such avoid choice of blocks!


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