Sunday 28 October 2012


Yesterday was a horrid day here: we woke to snow on the cars and decking and it was freezing.  I ended up having to go out twice in the wind and the sleet (walking both times!), so when I finally got in I figured I deserved to be warm and to sew

I made a start on joining up my double wedding ring quilt: I LOVE how this is looking!

I also finished off one of my projects for Rhondas FAL:

 This was part of Lynnes hexie QAL two summers ago.  I think I used fabrics that I don't really like, as I don't like the whole thing

I am working tomorrow, which sucks (especially when I am in dispute with my manager re overtime payments: I am owed 50 hours, but she will only pay me 25 and has told me to take time off in lieu - I would love to do that, but I don't have any days free to do that between now and Christmas.  I have worked the hours, about 8-10 hours extra each week, so why arn't they paying the overtime!)  Then I have four days off : just what I need!


  1. Well, you need some days to go Christmas shopping, and to spend sewing! So she can see how well she can manage without you! And find where the time you can take in lieu can be found! Or pay!

    You are not supposed to get snow in Essex! I know when I moved there I was told it doesn't snow in Essex! It then snowed quite hard that winter! but hey- it doesn't snow in Essex!

  2. A finish is a finish! Yayyy! As for the overtime, I'm with you on that one! Our flexi policy has been changed and we can only carry forward a max of 2 days pro rats in a 4 week period! I now make sure I book those days as soon as I approach a full days worth! I refuse to lose them!

  3. Your wedding ring is looking lovely but your over time deal is terrible! I hope you can change her mind :)

  4. Bummer about the overtime - do you best to work in those days in lieu when you can. Your hexie runner is beautifully made even if you don't really like it yourself and those wedding rings are coming together stunningly!

  5. I love the colours in your double ring EPP

    Such a great finish I think the colours work really well together.
    I wish my job were paying me more! I'm doing the job of two people and get paid for the job of one! I can't even take time off as they have nobody there that can cover my job and still do theirs!
    Some work places really like to take advantage!

  6. hope you get it sorted with your boss!! love the double wedding ring!! would you say it is hard?

  7. Your double wedding ring is looking amazing!

  8. The double wedding ring is lovely - are you doing it by hand? It's going to be fabulous!!


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