Monday 1 October 2012

Goodbye September

Well, it would appear that September wasn't overly productive for me on the sewing front. This is probably because I had a 4000 word project to complete in Internal Controls and accounting systems.  I am including that in my September finishes, as I did actually get it finished yesterday.  It gets sent for marking now, so I just have to wait.....

I have complete Jans Hipbee block: this is a block that was never meant to look like this but due to an epic fail in the maths department, ended up as such (I am happy with the final result however)

I finished my giant star on Saturday night, just in time to get it in for Rhondas FAL.  The photo does no justice to the colours and the material!

 I have completed a Christmas Rose Star, with another one nearly completed (sorry for including this one Sarah!)

 And this was a practise bee block as I am Miss November for the Hipbees.  I really love this block, but it doesn't utilise my jelly roll, as the blocks are not 2.5" friendly and I have proved to myself that I shouldn't do my own workings out for blocks, so it's back to the drawing board for my bee block....

Now that I have completed my project (bar any amendements I have to make) I only have one exam left, which is actually a re-take, and I will then be AAT qualified.  This is great news after nearly 3 and half years, but the best bit is that I will have all my weekends free again: free to sew without feeling guilty!!

Linnking up with Lynne's fresh sewing day


  1. Apart from the essay writing it has definitely been a starry month! Those weekends will soon be all yours again very soon. Di x

  2. Well done with the essay!
    Great makes, I really love your giant star quilt!

  3. Well done for getting so much done, especially with studying too! I love the look of your big star quilt.

  4. Gorgeous makes! Could you request EPP for your bee block - might be easier for the measurements. Or I could have a go at working them out for you...not promising I'll be any better though!

  5. You've had a very productive month! And an assignment on top, fabulous finish all round!

  6. Great stars! Good luck with your assignment.

  7. Nice makes.. You are a busy busy girl..

  8. Wonderful projects and good work getting your paper in. I hope the exam is a snap and then you will be done!

  9. hooray to free weekends!!! love your giant star! x


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