Saturday 12 May 2012

playing with coloured pencils

Having completed my practise ferris wheel, and finding it a nice easy project to put together:
......I decided that I would continue with some more to make either a cushion cover or a wall hanging.  I got out my coloured pencils.......

and decided how I wanted it to look. The first block is done

This is such a great project to keep me busy whilst chilling in front of the telly and I am looking forward to getting the rest done

I have also finished off the 2nd block to send to Jude for her bee blessed project 

 One pink and one blue. 

 The sun has been shining here today: what a relief.  So I managed to get out in to the garden and catch up a bit on the gardening - the garden now looks lovely but my back is suffering!
Hope the sun has been out with you too - it really makes such a difference


  1. That looks like a fun pattern Catherine. We also had Bee Blessed this afternoon and your converging corners blocks will look great along with the others that we've already gathered up. Thank you!

  2. Lovely bee blocks and that epp looks fun. Think my attitude to paper piecing might be changing!

  3. Great Ferris wheel blocks! Also loving the log cabin blocks =D

  4. Beautiful! I am excited to try the ferris wheel pattern too.

  5. Great blocks :-) go you, for finding the ferris wheel easy! I had a devil of a job joining them all up. I am notoriously impatient though ;-)

  6. Oh the converging corners are fab C! They will go perfectly with the others. Look after that back of yours! Jxo

  7. I'm very fond of your ferris wheel block with the fussy cut center! They are both lovely as are your log cabin blocks! Happy sunshine!

  8. Hope your back is feeling better but I'm sure your garden is worth it!
    The blocks look great and I love the ferris wheel :)


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