Saturday 5 May 2012


I am still hand quilting my mystery quilt, not long to go now.  I wanted to sew something today though so I started on these:

 The tutorial for these came from A Little Bit Biased
Hmm, may have to do something with that bottom row!!
 I didn't want to start anything huge as I have so many other things on the go, but this is great for using up scraps and the blocks don't take long.  I have cut some others out and will run them up tomorrow

I also did a block for Bee Blessed over at Judes.  I havn;t done any since the wonky stars, and knew I had to rectify that! This is another great scrap buster and I will get a blue one made this weekend too

 Just in time for the long weekend, I am full of cold and feeling rubbish.  I think all the long hours are catching up on me - so the only answer is to keep sewing!
Hope you're all enjoying your weekends


  1. Stay inside and take care of yourself. Lovely blocks but nasty germs!

  2. Sorry to hear you`re not feeling great Catherine - keep sewing but look after yourself.

  3. Great blocks love the colours! Hope you're fighting fit again soon =D

  4. Oh sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly C! A snuggly quilt and a hot toddy might be a good idea! Love the converging corners in pink - thank you so much! Jxo

  5. small blocks are good esp when you are feeling a bit "rough" xx take care

  6. Sorry to hear you are feeling blah! Keep sewing.x


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