Monday, 31 January 2011

First ever quilt

 This is the 1st quilt that I ever made.  It was my lovely sister-in-law Ellen who introduced me to the world of quilting.  She had a stint of living out in America, where there is loads of quilting going on.  I went on a visit, back in 2001 and 2003 and she was quilting.  I bought a magazine out there and she bought me a rotary cutter and mat, both of which I still have - and the rest is history.  It took me a long time to do this and I don't really like using such small triangles, but I didn't know that then!
My only regret is that I used a cheap polyester wadding and it hasn't done too well with time.  But it also took me ages to hand quilt this so I won't be changing the wadding any time soon!
I have recently done another quilt with lots of little trianges and I hated doing it.  Pictures of that one will be up early summer.
Ellen is a very talented sewer and next time I am visiting her I will (with her permission) get some pictures of her quilts to showcase.  She is sewing her own clothes at the moment, skirts, jackets etc and they look fabulous.
And some good news, Alison, my cousin and baby Daniel are back home today - she has been in hospital for a week, so was desperate to get home.  Hopefully I will  be allowed to put his pictures on the blog next week, after our visit.
More quilts tomorrow

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  1. See, there is the difference between you and me. If I had taken on that as my first quilt I would still be a quivering wreck in the corner! Impressive start!


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