Friday, 8 July 2011

Yummy raspberries

This has been a long week!  I seem to have gone to work early, got in late, sat down and studied and gone to bed.

Anyway, managed to get home early today and caught up with all my house work, so have one less thing to do.

And i picked these from the garden:

Lovely raspberries (and one strawberry) I have had a bumper crop of raspberries this year - love them!

Susan at Canadian Abroad got her PIF gifts this week: that is what I was doing on Sunday.  When I saw last week that she had a birthday this week I knew I had to get a move on

(i have' borrowed' Susans pic, as i can't find mine!)

It was the first time I made the tissued holder, it was so easy to do.  It's on my list to make one for me this weekend.  Anyway, I am so glad Susan liked them all.  She is brillant at leaving comments, not just on my blog, but everyones.  Her blog is a great read too.

Jen is away this weekend, so it is just Beccy and I.  We were meant to be at a local carnival tomorrow, but there is no-one to pull the float.  As of yesterday they had found someone, but this evening it may have all fallen through!! So, who knows.
If it doesn't go ahead we will have a (window) shopping day in Chelmsford tomorrow - and then I will sew!


  1. Oh Catherin, thanks for saying such nice things about me. I leave comments because I love to read your blogs. I enjoy the blogs of people who have become my online friends the most. Please count yourself in that number. And the things you made were amazing. Thanks for them too!

  2. Raspberries and from the garden. Perfect!


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