Saturday, 9 July 2011

Well, the weather was sunny but.....

I am exhausted!  Today we attended a neighbouring carnival, one of many we will be going to.  The weather was fabulous again.  We were very badly let down by the organiser of the Tiptree carnival, who was meant to have a driver sorted out to tow the float.  It was on/off all week and last night confirmed as definately on.
Then at 11 am this morning we are told there is no float - by which time the girls are all ready to go
So, we decided to go and see if we can hitch a ride on another float. When we got there, we were told that the organiser had cancelled us at 9.30 last night: but had just never told us!
Anyway, with no thanks to her, the girls hitched a ride with another court and we had a wonderful day

The 3 girls get on well together and made the most of the day.  They are starting to get to know the other carnival courts and make new friends

We have another carnival next weekend and have been told that if the girls dont want to walk then they need to sort out their own transport.  So, to the organiser of Tiptree carnival (who obviously doesn't even know this blog exists) : we won't let our girls down and we will overcome your adversities.
Yes, I am cross!  We were promised all sorts - actually all we want is some organisation, but it appears that now that our carnival is over the organisers do not want to be involved, although they say it is important for the girls to turn up to other carnivals so that the Tiptree carnival committe don't look bad.  We are turning up for our girls: not for them.
And, we are looking forward to next weekend

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  1. Oh, don't you hate disorganised, unresponsible people?!? So glad the girls still enjoyed themselves and I would be having words with the organiser. Sounds like she needs putting right. Now, go have a glass of wine and unwind!


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