Friday, 1 July 2011

Hugs and Kisses

I have another major finish!

This is my hugs and kisses quilt.  I got the pattern here Henry Glass fabrics: where there are lots of lovely free patterns, all made with the popular fabrics of the moment.

My quilt was made with some fat quarters that I had been saving : I wanted lots of bold fabrics and vibrant colours and I really do like this quilt.

I started it last summer hols and it was an easy one to pull together: nice big sqaures and nothing complicated.  I hand quilted it, stiching around the x's and through the middle crosses.

The green on the back is a sheet that I picked up in the charity shop and then I used the remainder of the purple fabric from the front.

This quilt will be staying with us, because we all love it and I know it will be well utilised!
I am linking up with Lilys fresh sewing day , even though it is not a FWQAL!

Fresh Sewing Day


  1. Lovely. Love the piecing.

  2. love your colours - quite traditional until you look close up

  3. Great Quilt! (Don't you love it when they get to stay with you! =D)

  4. That is a great quilt Catherine.


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