Thursday, 21 July 2011

A whole new era

I had today off.  I am working tomorrow and then I am off for 6 weeks: whoo hoo!  (well I have two half days to do in the summer hols)
So I got this done today:

Another block completed for the mystery quilt: I am all caught up now, phew

I believe we are sewing some blocks together next, can't wait.

I have an exam in two weeks, so even though I had a day off I was still up at 6.30 so I could get some study in

I figured that if I got up early and got on with it, I would have more sewing time.

Also, can you see my credit card in the bottom right hand corner.....I had to use that today....... to upgrade Jennys car insurance because she passed her test today!!  I am so pleased for her, but I am dreading her going on any kind of journey on her own.  She drove up to school today (which is normally a 3 minute walk!!) and it was so strange to see her go off in her car, all on her own!  Gulp.  Still, on the bright side, boy does she owe me some driving around - who fancies going out for a drink tonight, Jen will pick us up :-)


  1. Your blocks are looking great, Catherine! We were kindred spirits today...thanks so much the comment on my blog (enchanted bobbin). I really appreciate it, and am looking forward to seeing more of your Mystery blocks :)

  2. Enjoy your hols and congrats to your daughter on passing her test - it`s such a great feeling!

  3. Congratulations to Jenny! Well done her. It took me 41 years and three tests before I got my licence. Enjoy your six weeks off. You deserve some down time. Don't spend it all studying!

  4. Your blocks are looking really good together Catherine - I have just posted the next instalment.....go girl, you have 6wks off!!


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