Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mission accomplished

Here is the finished article:

I used this tutorial in the end:   it's a pretty modern life  because it gave instructions on the pouch with lining, whereas the other didn't.  Apart from that they were almost identical.  It was an easy make too

Also, just so that you are under no illusions that the life of a carnival queens mum is non stop glamour (ha ha) :

the girls got a 2nd for the float.  Amazingly there were 9 other carnival courts there and a huge procession: and even more amazingly, a large crowd, who made everything worthwhile.  The girls managed to stay dry, although chilly.  I, on the other hand, got to walk at the side and was drenched.  My feet were slopping around in my wet shoes, my rain coat has ceased to be waterproof and I was wearing a wet sweatshirt and t-shirt and jeans.  Not good!
Beccy and I promised ourselves a lazy day today to recuperate: she had been very good at it, only getting out of bed at about 11am to put some chips in the oven!!!
I did manage to lie in bed and read yesterdays newspaper and this caught my eye

it is a wall hanging that has been stitched together by a dozen prisons across Britain, with the help of the charity Fine Cell Work.  Some 10% of all inmates in british prisons were once in the military.  A small group in Wandsworth prison, led by a military veteran started this.  The wall hanging was recently auctioned, raising £2667 for help for heroes.
I saw some work done by this charity at the quilt exhibition in the V&A last year.  It was amazing quality.  The article ( in the Saturday Times) was a really interesting read. 


  1. Looks lovely! I want to make these and I saw that tute you originally suggested too, like you I prefer linings because the inside I think is just as important as the outside!
    Will go and print out that tutorial shortly!

    Ooh also I have joined that HAL with Lynne, when I saw it on your blog. Can't wait!

  2. I saw the article in The Sunday Times and what amazing work Fine Cell Work and the inmates do...


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