Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Been busy

We are going away for a couple of days tomorrow - off to my brothers for a long weekend.  The kids have had a good 4 days together, we have been out somewhere every day, despite the grey overcast weather.
Our trip to the zoo was great: we fed the elephants and giraffes

We have done this day out for the last 3 years and the zoo is constantly changing and always fun to visit.

I have made a little something else for Ellen my sister in law for her hospitality this coming weekend, so as well as the bag I made:

I did this little table mat as well. I had to do something else for her in that fabric!

I am taking my hexalong hexies with me this weekend, as well as my next new project:

The picture hasn't come out great, but it is a knitted log cabin blanket, which I thought was fab.  I have chosen cream, dark pink and a pink/purple wool.  Its so easy to knit.  I am not making it for anyones baby, but for me.  I needed something else to knit because I have finished this too:

a little pram blanket for Zoe and Tims baby.  I went to see her today, she is now overdue and very fed up.  Selfishly, I am hoping she waits until Tuesday, when I get home, before anything happens!

On top of all this, I have been setting my alarm for 7am - yes: 7am, in the holidays!  So that I can get up and revise for a couple of hours.  I have my exam next Friday.  Can't wait for next weekend, I shall just be sewing with no revision guilt!

So, I shall be back to blogging next week.  See you all then!

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  1. That knitting pattern looks lovely. Have a wonderful break! Jxo


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