Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hexie QAL

Hexalong anyone?
I've signed up to lily's hexalong - go and have a look and tell me that you are not totally seduced by that gorgeous quit.
Now, when I was at boarding school, we did lots and lots of hexies: oh how I hated those things.  I have see people blogging about them but they don't do it for me.

but look at the quilt on Lilys blog: they are not ordinary hexies!  And there are so many new things that we are going to learn, and we all love new things to learn.  If it hadn't been for the mystery QAL I would never have learned how to paper piece

So, to and have a look if you dare!


  1. I've just been along and signed up! Love hexies :-)

  2. I signed up this morning and am really excited to be doing it!

  3. Hi Catherine, I love your colourful blog and look forward to following your hexies, Janine:)


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