Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday cramming

My Sundays seem to get busier and busier as I try to cram a whole weekend into one day!
I got up nice and early (7.30 - on a Sunday!!) and studied until about 11: things are starting to become clearer but I am also aware that I really need to put in for my next exam soon!
Then I wrote an email to the carnival committee, telling them how badly they let us down yesterday.  After several emails back and forth, I am hoping that things will get better!
I finished this:

 How fabulous does it look next to my cathedral windows cushion. I really love this, its so bright.  Can't wait to flop on the settee later.
And I have been so busy in my front and back garden.  I wish I took before pictures so you could compare the after pictures!  I didn;t take any of the front, but this is my back garden:

Its not big but its all mine (well, I suppose I share it with the mortgage company!)  The decking needs repainting: need to get round to that!
This is a chocolate plant: sadly it doesn't grow chocolate ( how cool would that be!) but it does smell of chocolate, next best thing I suppose!

This is the end of the garden, that gets all the sun at the end of the day.  The acer at the back was a bargain buy a couple of years ago for a few pounds: it looks fantastic now

I tend to keep everything in pots: I think it is a throw back to having always moved house at least every three years (I was an Air force child and then an Air Force wife!) - the girls and I have been here for 10 years now, but I can't seem to get over that : we might move one day scenario!

And then this is the lavender that I chopped off today, to dry out: with a well deserved glass of wine.

Beccy and I have grilled haloumi and salad (and chips!) for tea tonight, so I had better go prepare!


  1. What a full day - but so much to show for it! The cushion is lush. It just asks to be snuggled up to. Love it! Hope the barbeque was good and the wine even better.

  2. Your garden is lovely and looks like you have accomplished much. Well done and enjoy it!


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