Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Church Windows

So, this is how my 'church windows' quilt is coming on :

Sorry about the leg of the ironing board (and how come we don't mind ironing our fabric but not the washing!!)

Its going to look so good when it is completed.  I just hope that every time I look at it, it won't remind me of sitting on the park and ride bus going nowhere (see here)

I also had a bit of a spurt with these last night:

I started going through my scraps and cutting sashes for the sides of these blocks.

Its funny how sewing can be so chilling after such a busy day. (although the clearing up of the debris can be a bit of a drag!!)

Tomorrow I am in the office, a group of us will be trying to design a website: now that should be interesting because none of us have done anything like that before!


  1. Tell your work mates you have a blog and they will automatically think you are the expert for the website! Thecstained glass looks amazing.

  2. Your stained glass window quilt is going to look so lovely. Good luck with the website!

  3. My mom loves to quilt too. She would surely love this project. This makes good use of scrap fabrics. I hope you have a 'baby room' version of this for my newborn. =)

    -Anthony Blommel


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