Sunday, 24 July 2011

swapping wine for children....

....which may sound like a good deal, but I handed over the wine and received two additional teenagers in return!
I went to Thetford yesterday and met up with my brother and sister in law.  Heather (16) and Andrew (14) are staying with us this weekend.  The kids are all the same age and have always enjoyed each others company.  I am taking them home (Sleaford) on Thursday and staying for a long weekend, which is why I handed over some wine!

So, whilst they watched dvds, went for walks and chatted I made these:

I love this material!  I sewed a strip on blue on the top and bottom, so that picture strip was central, and I am really pleased with it.  This is for Ellen, my sister in law.

I also made this for my brother.  When I saw the material I knew I had to make something with it

My brother normally wraps around a tea towel to keep his cafetiere warm, so hopefully this will work much better!

Tomorrow we are off to Colchester zoo.  An amazing place.  Having been to London zoo I still prefer colchester and it is just as big with as much to see, and right on our door step.
And, amazingly, the sun seems to be out at the mo.....


  1. Love the cheeky fabric in your purse! What a great gift for your brother - men are so hard to make for don't you think? Jx

  2. Love that fabric! Have a wonderful time at the zoo and with your family.


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