Saturday, 14 June 2014

Jubilant June

I seem to be sewing less and therefore blogging less at the moment (not that I was a prolific blogger anyway!)
I have managed to sew Collettes Bee a Brit Stingy blocks

I did wonder if I might struggle with these are Collette wanted solids or fabric with a very small pattern - turns out I had a lot more than I realised!

I have also managed a couple of bee blessed blocks: these were nice and easy

I have my Hipbee blocks to get on with this weekend.

Life, I think, is about to change very significantly. If you follow me on IG you will know that Beccy secured an apprenticeship with Arcadia, working for their Topshop brand, as a garment technologist (this involves testing of fabrics, fittings on models, etc). She starts on Wednesday and will be working in Oxford Street. An apprentice wage is £100 a week and the train fare is £115 (£6000pa!!!).  The opportunity is amazing, fashion is all she ever wanted to do and to get this on her first ever interview out of so many applications is amazing.  I am so proud of her and excited for her too. Apprenticeships are such a great idea.


  1. Miss your blogposts but I think everybody is busier with life these days. Brilliant news for Beccy but that apprentice wage in London is really terrible! Hope the opportunity gives her a foot on the ladder for the career she wants. When she's a great fashion designer she can name one of her collections after you - the Catherine Collection, or Ma's frocks! Thanks for the bee blocks, look forward to seeing your florals for Rachel.

  2. Great job on the blocks, and congrats to Beccy! Travel costs usually get lower the longer you buy the season ticket for if that helps (or was that a year divided by 52?)

  3. Lovely bee blocks C! And huge congrats to Beccy! Such a great opportunity and getting her foot in the door could lead to all sorts of wonderful things! Jxo

  4. Well done to the kid for getting that apprenticeship... but the fact that taking it puts you in debt absolutely stinks! The very best of luck to her and I do hope it gets her on the way to where she needs to be!

  5. Love the blocks and how the colours pop togehter!

  6. Great blocks, I have a bit of catching up to do. Hope Beccy enjoys it and that you find a good hand stitching project while you wait at the station.

  7. Great news about Beccy's job, not so great news about her 'wage' and the train fare!! Love your bee blocks, too!


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