Monday, 12 August 2013

Two new additions

Beccy and I have just returned from some R&R up at my dads and stepmums.  They live in a fabulous location:
Whilst there both my dad and step mum had a separate button clear out for me (I have come home with a zillion buttons)
These buttons and the tin were my granny's and there are buttons in here that belonged to her mum.

My dad also has an amazing train set. He and my step mum spend a LOT of time with this in the winter.

Some-one also had their first driving lesson and is now desperate for the real thing

I have come home nice and rested. Just as well, as we have some (temporary) new members of the household.

These little kittens are only 3 weeks old and have to be syringe feed. Someone didn't want them and threw them in a bin. Jenny is now working as an apprentice veterinary nurse at our local vets and has taken them on. She moves out soon and the kittens will be going with her. These two are major time wasters, we have spent a lot of time playing and just watching! I guarantee there will be more pictures!


  1. Why would anyone put kittens in a bin?!? People do make me mad sometimes. These little fluff bundles look very cute - I expect you might see a downturn in your sewing output temporarily!

  2. Do you really think both kittens will be moving out?!

  3. Lovely buttons! Those kittens are adorable, no surprise you're wasting time with them :)

  4. LOVE buttons .. many happy memories of sorting them as a child.. and not so long ago! Some people are just so cruel and unfeeling ... thank goodness a kinder person rescued them from the bin x

  5. I suspect that there are plans for those cute kittens... they may not move out for long...

    Great buttons!

  6. What a treasure getting those heirloom buttons! Sweeties for adults! Enjoy the kittens! Jxo

  7. It looks like you've had a lovely break :)


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