Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The complete opposite to sewing....

..... is DIY.  And that is something I have been doing quite a bit of over the last couple of weeks.
I have painted and wallpapered my bedroom (I did the girls room last summer)
I have repainted the bathroom ceiling (following a leak)
I have painted the loung ceiling (HUGE job)
And today is was the turn of the stairs and landing

the streaks are bits of wet paint!

I didn't do a before and after photo.  I wasn't really going to blog this, but I had to tell you about 'getting around a situation'

I managed to get all my pictures down and paint the walls properly - thank goodness for extending paint rollers! Although, even with that, I was only just tall enough to still reach the top.  Anyway, I couldn't reach that one picture on its own, the one on the facing wall.  I have NO idea how I got it up there.

..... so, I had to paint around it!  Not ideal, but it got the job done

Tomorrow, I will be back with my extending roller and painting the ceiling :-(

This is the reason why: a new stair, lounge and landing carpet - being fitted in 10 days.  The girls have done all the work on the stairs - they stripped off the old paint, sanded it all down and then re-painted.  I would still have all that to do if it wasn't for them!

So, my house is a TIP and I am not getting any sewing done!


  1. You and the girls have done a huge job there. I love the quirkiness of painting around the picture. Well done on such a good job. Di x

  2. maybe no sewing... but my goodness you have been busy!! Had a laugh at the thought of you painting ROUND the picture xx

  3. Well done for getting the painting done - don't suppose you'd like to come round and do my decorating?

  4. You're pretty good at all that DIY stuff arent you!!

  5. Your girls are brilliant! You will feel fab when it is all done and you are getting thread ends on the new carpet.

  6. Good grief woman you deserve a kitkat after all that! Hooray for help from your girls. Hope you can get sewing soon.

  7. Gosh that sounds like an awful lot of work! Glad to see you had help doing it! =D

  8. Really feel for you! the stairs and landing are such a huge job!
    Well done all of you!

  9. Good for you! I painted 2 rooms this summer myself. First time!

  10. well done you for getting on with it! I tend to do our decorating in this house, Colin and DIY don't get along!

  11. You definitely deserve a sit down with a pot of tea and something good on the telly!


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