Sunday, 26 August 2012

Finally some sewing

So, my BQ3S quilt is all finished

 I umm'd and aarr'd about the binding for ages.  I did a scrappy binding, but it seemed to take away from the main pattern, so I decided to go for a light one, which I think has worked
 The label is on the back and its all quilted on, ready to send at the end of the week
 I seem to have spent a lot of my time recently either doing my project  (for aat) or diy:neither of which are great fun, So last night I did a couple more of these

I thought it was all done but turns out that I still have one more quarter circle to do!
The weather today has been lovely. I sat outside for a while in the sunshine (sewing on the binding for the BQ3S) and then when the sun went in I came in and sewed some more of my Trade Winds
Its been nice to get back on the sewing machine.  And the diy is nearly complete too!


  1. Your little quilt is lovely, and all that hand stitching......

  2. I just LOVE your quilt! The hand stitching is perfectly beautiful!

  3. Wow! What a lot you have done. The BQS3 is really lovely and the binding is perfect. I cannot believe how much of your circles you have done - good going on that one. As for your Trade Winds - well it looks so much nicer than mine. Di x

  4. I really do love that BQS mini. It is so well done and quilted. Lucky partner! And the tradewinds is looking good there. It is one of those patterns that makes me want to go and start cutting HSTs.

  5. Your BQS quilt is beautiful - great decision on the binding. You have been so busy to have so much else on the go as well as DIY. Look forward to seeing how these other projects come together in time.

  6. The mini is so cute! A bright binding would have looked good too. Gosh sewing and DIY! =D

  7. Great job on the BQS and the NYBs are fabulous.

  8. great binding choice! trade winds is looking good! x


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