Friday, 31 August 2012

Quick off the mark

Well, I can't believe that I have had nearly 5 weeks off and it is back to work on Monday.  Where has the time gone!

With that in mind I have been very keen with this months HipBees bee block for Jude.  I got the parcel this morning and the block is all done

This was great fun to make and I still need to do the siggy block. I know that the first week back at work is going to be a manic, late evenings will start again etc, so I thought I would strick while the iron is hot. 

Beccy was also doing some sewing today, so seemed like as good a time as any.  This is her block.  A small error in the first bit of the log cabin, but not noticable really and she now understands what its all about!

I also got my Brit Quilt in the post today, along with some extras.  I really hope my partner likes it.

Cathedral window pincushion and teeny
Some little panels: wonder what my partner will
do with these

I have decided this will be my last swap for a while.  I have loved this one and the purse swap that Nicky did at the beginning of the summer (well, in fact all of the swaps that I have done!) , but it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with writing the comments. It can be s0 discouraging  when your partner doesn't comment.  We are all such busy people and the fact that someone hasn't left a comment doesn't mean that they hate it, just that they don't have the time.  I have found it hard to find the time to comment, and I really do make an effort to try and comment at least once on each person. I don't want to be the person that lets my partner down, so I am going to take a small break from them .

I am ashamed to say I havn't really got in to the paralympics like I did the olympics.  I think the C4 coverage is so amateur compared to the beeb and the adverts were making me so mad.  I have been catching up on it all on the computer and that is working for me. Its such a shame as these olympians are soooo inspiring


  1. Wow, look at that tiny pincushion!!!!

  2. Your bee block is lovely and those pincushions are fab. I know what you mean about swaps, I find keeping up with commenting difficult too.

  3. Oh wow so many lovelies in one post - that tiny pincushion is just amazing!!! I think we all get swap fatigue from time to time. I found it hard keeping up with BQS3 because of being ill and then being away. So hope I haven't neglected to comment on the quilt I'm getting because there were 99.9% great quilts I saw in the group.

    I gave up on the Paralympics opening ceremony because of the C4 Coverage. Snow kept going on about wars and that Kristian wotsit Murphy interrupted everyone and then of course all the adverts! The Beeb could have done a much better job! :-(

  4. Fab bee block - so quick off the mark! I'm sure your swap partner will be delighted. I know what you mean about keeping up with the swaps. You'll know when the time is right (when you see one you can't resist).

  5. Some great goodies there to be sending off. Wish that pincushion was coming my way! Lol looks like we had the same post idea in mind!

    I've been catching clips of the paralympics here and there. I think they spend way too much of the show talking and not really showing the athletes as much as they could be!

  6. My goodness you were certainly speedy with you Bee Block, have you been taking lessons from Hadley? Lol. I really understand how you feel aboutmswaps, it has been so hard to keep up with this one for me too,

  7. Hope I haven't let you down :(. Satah is right, you'll know when the right swap comes along to jump back in :).

  8. I have 1 week coming soon. Looking forward to being productive ; )

  9. September block done in August.. hold those horses and let the rest of us catch up will you! Di x

  10. Nice little pincushion. I have that in my plans for making... one day!

    You are too quick off the mark, making Septembers block when September has yet to arrive! Lovely one though, isn't it!


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