Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 7

Amother bluebird day. Only cloud on the horizon was the referendum result!
Caught the train to Kitzbuhel. This was the only time so far on the trip that I thought I might have problems with my ticket. He told me to take it out of the wallet and then scrutinised it and reluctantly gave it back. Up to now all the conductors have been fine with it
I got off the train and realised I'd left my scarf on there just as the doors were closing. Luckily the universal language of waving and gesticulating meant that the lady sitting opposite me was able to throw it out of the window 😀
 Kitzbuhel was pretty in the sunshine. Another place where I have skied before. We stayed in this hotel about 32 years ago!!
I I walked up to the famous Hahnenkamm lift and ride to the top 
The views were spectacular again
 Wall to wall mountains. I walked for about 2 hours (still rather stiff from yesterday! ). Luckily I had my hat in the 32 degree heat!

On my return journey I stopped in St Johann in Tirol. Look what I found
Obviously I bought some!!
I had wondered about this journey and my ticket as I was starting and returning from the same place: obviously I needn't have worried!