Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 5

Salzburg to Zell am See
Woke up to another gorgeous day. Salzburg is a bustling city so at 8am its busy.  Off to Starbucks for the obligatory 'nearly' cup of tea
A dash up to C&A (remember them). I packed light, but maybe too light in the bra depth so needed a couple more. If youre planning a trip like this,  in the heat,  take a spare white and a spare black, so if one is wet from washing you can still where the same colour!
Salzburg hbf is lovely and clean with lots of information and I found my train which was waiting on the platform 
The scenery... It was only a 2 hour trip, but beautiful
 Blue skies and green rivers

 Green surroundings
I've skied in Zell before but not been here in the summer. The hotel was easy to find (once again thank goodness for Google maps) but the hotel was overbooked, so I was taken next door.  All of my hotels have been booked via expedia and very much on customer reviews. When you're on your own you need to feel safe. Thus hotel is next door so I'm sure will be fine
Zell has a lovely promenade along the lake with amazing views
Snow still on the top of the alps 
 The water so green

There is an outdoor pool by the side of the lake and you can swim in the lake from there too. I went and got my costume and took a dip in the pool- definitely not heated in any way. After that I figured the lake couldn't be much colder so I braved it....not for long, maybe a minute. But I do go back a 2nd time.  
The street cafes and restaurants were all busy with Austrian football fans but I found somewhere to eat and read my kindle.  In the evening I wanders through the town.  There were lots of people milling around so I felt safe and I didn't stay out late anyway

Evening shadows on theAlps


  1. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing! It looks like you're having a great time!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. You are so brave! Go you for going solo. It looks like you're having a fab time!


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