Tuesday, 12 November 2013

November Mama

My blogging has taken a real back seat recently-mainly due to not using my computer much, as  I prefer my tablet (poor excuse!)
We have also all had our birthdays these last two weeks: I am a year older and also appear to have a 17 yo as well as a 20yo! How is that possible.
November is my month as queen bee in Hipbees-this is the block I went for

It's from Quiltville and is called Jared takes a wife. Very easy to do. I wanted to use the charms from the rainbow charm swap

and this was just the block.  Here are Reene's and Rachels

There are others popping up too but I havn,'t been able to 'borrow' those pictures yet. I can't wait for them all to come home to mama!


  1. You chose a good block. It's a little new to folks I think and it's getting great response over on IG. Mine will be in the post by the weekend.

  2. I love this block and the colours you have chosen can't wait to get on with it! I have been a bad blogger too :( oh and had a birthday recently! xx

  3. You chose a lovely block and it has certainly challenged me to do some precision piecing....and cutting. The blocks look great together without the sashing

  4. Blimey, next year you and your eldest will be the same age!!!
    Great block choice xxx

  5. Happy Birthday! And those blocks are a lovely choice!

  6. Pretty block. It is making me want to sew again. Di x

  7. Loved making this one! Great fun, with a small edge of challenge.


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