Saturday 12 October 2013

Final FAL Quarter

Seriously, how on earth are we in the last quarter of this year??

Seeing as the weather is drawing in and we are being predicted the worst winter EVER (?!?) I am going to do an ambitious list, lots of evenings at home sewing....

Last quarters FAL to carry forward:

my scrap 'dog' quilt, my DWR and my orphan blocks from Bee a Brit Stingy

I need to put this baby quilt on the list too (pattern from quilters cache) - my work colleagues' daughter is having a baby at the end of December and she has asked me to make a baby quilt

I have two Christmas projects to finish, which I hope will be destined for my little shop

I need another sock: I have finished on and am halfway through the other

I need to turn this in to something

And finally (this is such a dreadful picture), my ferris wheel to finish

 So, here's hoping the weather men are right and we are due lots of snow days!
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  1. That's some list! The thought of cosying up inside is nice. Love your dwr and that adorable bear!

  2. Great list, but no to snow!

  3. I am actually over the moon about tomorrow's forecast - I am all ready to sew!!!
    Good list too x

  4. worst winter ever? Dont scare me!!! Good luck with your finishes

  5. I don't know where this year has gone! Good luck with all those finishes!

  6. Well the rain should help the sewing a long. Nice list of do able projects. Di x

  7. Not only are you an amazing seamstress but you also knit socks??? Brilliant:) You have no worries for winter then!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Tammy x

  8. It is sort of amazing that we are in Q4 now. You have an excellent list here, although I am sad about your weather forecast. I should check ours.

  9. I do love me a snow day! Enjoy all your projects . They look like fun.

  10. Hadn't heard that forecast, great!
    Some super things there , love the ted.

  11. I hadn't heard the weather misery predicted, but good luck with the list!

  12. I hadn't heard that forecast. Depressing. I think we're due a milder winter. Great list. Ambitious but great and if we do get the worse winter ever you can stay home and sew!

  13. Quilting is the perfect cure for bad weather. Love the ferris wheel and DWR especially.


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