Friday, 1 February 2013

January finishes

I have a winner:

Well done to : Jan - you were number 8.  I have a bunch of scraps etc to send to you. 

And here we are at February 1st.  So, linking up to Lynnes fresh sewing day - discussing finishes.  Well the best for me was confirmation that I have finally finished my AAT exams, having passed the last one.  It was three and half years of home study and a hard slog, but sooooo worth it.  I can now put letters after my name!!!

But what about sewing......

I made a start on a Siblings together quilt

I finally finished piecing together my DWR quilt and am now sewing it on to some fabric.  Originally I was going to hand sew it down but a) I realised I might be 90 before it got finished and b) I tried out both and preferred it machine stiched

And one, actual finish, for a poorly friend

I need to catch up on some bee blocks and some other commitments this weekend.  I am off in to London tomorrow to catch up with Di, which I am really looking forward to.


  1. Nice finishes and well done in passing those exams. See you tomorrow. Di x

  2. Congrats on the exam finishes and loving the look of the quilt for Siblings Together, great start to the year

  3. You've done so well with all those exams - the letters are very well deserved! And you've had a good sewing month too. Your wedding rings look fab with the purple :)

  4. Ditto Susan - yea Jan!! I love your mkes and can't wait to see the ST quilt and DWR quilts.

  5. I think you had the best, well deserved January xxx

  6. Congratulations on passing that last exam! Gret finishes, and I'm sure you had a fabulous day with Di!

  7. what a great month you've had. I hope you had a lvoely day with Di x

  8. I'm loving the stars. What colour back ground will they have ?

  9. yay me and I'm loving all that purple in your makes :-)


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