Thursday, 28 February 2013

Flying through February

Hmmmm, February.......

Well, I started off thinking that I hadn't done all that much.  But when I got my pictures together I amazed myself!!
I got my Hipbee quilt all sewn up, ready to decide what to do next: I love how the different colours  stand out

 Made more progress on the DWR quilt: about half way through machine stiching it down
 A bit further foward with my Siblings together quilt
 An actual finish with this quilt for my friend who is currently undergoing chemo: I backed this one with a snuggly fleece blanket and it turned out really well (all made from scraps(
 Did all my bee blocks (my bee blessed one is missing from here)
 And finally got this scarf/wrap finished-it has taken a very long time (don't think in months!) but I am so pleased with it.  It was such an easy pattern, I don't know why it took so long
Wow, so that was February.  Maybe all of the above explains why I need to have a serious weekend of housework ...... but that's no fun!

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  1. The colours in your scarf are so pretty. I love your Hipbees quilt and can't wait to see more progress shots of the DWR. I would say that you have had a great month :-)

  2. You have achieved loads. I really like your hipBee quilt. Di x

  3. Wow you've had a busy month - it all looks great!

  4. fab makes tere - a real purple theme to the month too

  5. That's been a really productive month! And love your new profile pic! Jxo

  6. Impressive! So many large quilts you have made! Also, i feel your Hipbee quilt *sparkles* with colour and tone! :-) Very cheery.

  7. Wow, you have the best projects going on here. I love each one. I especially love that scarf, it is time for me to knit that the feather and fan pattern again soon.

  8. holy guacamole - you certainly got your quilt on this month - huge amount of stuff done - good on you - i keep thinking i must clean the house and do the ironing - but just can't get the motivation up to do it


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