Thursday, 7 June 2012


Its been great to read all the FQ blog posts and relive the experience.  When I was at home on Sunday and everyone was still at the retreat I finished off my Union flag pillow top, which I love (picture to follow)
On Monday evening, I happened to glance at my kitchen wall (as you do) and saw, in horror, at large damp patch coming down from the bathroom. I located the leak, turned off the water and rang the insurance company emergency cover call out.  That was 8pm on Monday.  I rang again 7am Tuesday.  On Wednesday at about midday the plumber rang me, to ask what the problem was and when I would be home. I said 'now'. 'Oh' he replied, 'I have left Tiptree for the day, when else can I come out'.  I may have lost my temper slightly at this point (my water having been turned off nearly 30 hours previously) - told him where to stick his phone call, and rang someone locally. I will be asking the insurance company for a refund. Not the best end to the weekend
 We got together with my brother and his family this week and took some family pics, part of my dads fathers day present
 It took a very long time to get these pictures, there were a LOT of out-takes!! But we did have a laugh
 I have a few finishes and WIPs to show from this week (I have had the week off), so I will download the pictures tomorrow to show.
Hope you are not all drowning in this awful weather!


  1. Oh no! Talk of damp walls and leaks gives me the heebiejeebies... Am convinced this house will fall down one day, when mans at sea of course...

  2. Glad you told the first plumber where to stick his spanner. Hope it is sorted soon.

  3. Wow some plumbers really have an attitude. Ha picture out-takes are always so funny =D

  4. Oh Cath, that's awful! I hope everything is fixed now! There has certainly been ALOT of rain here today!. Lovely pics of you and yours! I'm guessing the one who looks identical to you is one of your daughters?! Jxo

  5. So happy to meet you through our purse swap! So sorry to hear about your leak! Arghh! Lovely family!

  6. My word, Susan's comment is just so out of character, lol! I really hope you have had the leak sorted by now -I am just having a wee blog catch up.

  7. So difficult with the water off!


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