Friday, 5 August 2011

Rubbish exam!

Thank you for all your good lucks.  Unfortunatley the exam was absolutely awful and on top of the fact that I always bottle at exams, I will be amazed if I passed.
There are so many accounting standards to learn that you can only really learn the popular ones, the ones that appear in ALL the past exam papers : but oh no, not today, it was all the random ones, the ones that are barely mentioned in the books and that have NEVER appeared on an exam paper in the last 10 yeaRS.  I did a lot of waffling and an awful lot of the course was not even covered. So, I am dissapointed, especially when I know I worked hard (I know I may yet be amazed and pass but i don't think so).
Still, I can retake it (one lady there today was on her 3rd retake!!) and I will carry on with all the other modules. BUT.... not this weekend.  This weekend I am going to sew :-)


  1. I do hope there is a more positive outcome than you are anticipating. Sorry it was an abysmal exam.

  2. Oh sorry to hear that! Aren't exams just evil!! Nothing like a bit of therapeutic sewing to calm that blood pressure down. Have a lovely weekend. Jxo

  3. Hoping you will receive good news - you have worked so hard!


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